Beef Diagram
Beef Diagram
   Beef Diagram | Ribeye Steak

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Beef diagram: an overview of the different cuts of beef

For many westerners meat is a large part of the daily diet. The most common types of meat are usually those such as lamb, chicken, fish, and of course, beef. Beef is a huge part of the meat industry, with many people consuming several meals' worth of beef each week. However, the quality of beef meat can vary quite dramatically. This is in part due to where the meat is sourced, as well as the conditions in which it has been raised. For example, grass-feed free-range beef tends to be far more nutritious than other forms of beef. However, the taste and quality of beef can also vary quite a lot depending on the particular cut of the meat.

Anyone who has eaten beef or who has shopped for it and cooked it will know that there are many different types of beef cuts available. Each cut has a different type of taste and texture, and the toughness of the meat can also vary quite considerably depending on the cut of meat and where it has come from. While some people know intuitively which parts of the animal they prefer, there are so many different cuts of meat that it can be handy to have a tool such as a beef diagram, available online, or sometimes even in local stores, guiding you about the particular cuts of meat that you might like to eat. One of the better known beef cut diagrams is one drawn up by the National Cattleman's Beef Association. There are also a variety of others put together by different associations.

A beef cuts diagram can be a great help if you've been given a large cut of meat and you're trying to decide how best to cook it. For example, if you've bought a large portion of a cow, you may wish to get as much meat from it as possible to ensure that you're lessening your wastage. The beef industry is, after all, an industry with an extremely high waste component, so it's a good idea to minimize your wastage as best as you can.

The beef cuts diagram usually involves ten different types of beef cuts. These different types are divided by where the meat is taken from the animal. The first type of cut on the beef diagram is chuck meat. This sort of meat is taken from the front of the cow, including the meat from around the shoulder, and the tops of the ribs. It involves cuts such as chuck T-bone steak, chuck roast, boneless short ribs, shoulder short blades, and so on. The second type of cut is the rib, and involves a variety of different cuts including different rib varieties such as rib roast, ribeye steak, and rib back cuts.
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